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V Save The Child

<p> Eugene Williams is a Artist based out of New York. He performed around the world via cruise ships and made appearances throughout the east coast for years in all venues including; festivals, weddings, and night clubs. Watch for his forthcoming single; Lets Party!" It delivers a riveting style of artistry and original arrangements revitalizing the holiday party spirit with flare and cheerful melodies, (Genay Records). </p> <p> January 1st,2018 Eugene Williams release the Lets Party! album. The uptown feel of Bruno Mars but with the message of Marvin Gaye, this album is sure to open your heart and you will feel a part of it, a mix of today's pop style with old school sounds. </p> <p> The Lets Party! single has the traditional flavor of "Dance songs. With a new and Improve groove, simply said" Eugene takes this album to another level, giving it a unique style with his own originality. This album is definitely a album to be played all year long! Inspired by Prince and widely known, Kool & the Gang, Eugene is a artist who combines today's contemporary styles with his own authentic sound. </p> <p> Eugene is also dedicating proceeds from his work to his younger brother Anthony Williams </p> <p> who was paralyzed in 1968 from the age of seven, to read the story go to: or paste this link into browser: </p>