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Party pic 200x200

<p> "Songs" THAT WILL CAPTURE YOUR HEART" </p> <p> I want to say Thanks for a fun time. I love your new song. your great! </p> <p> Fun and party music that you would want to hear over and over again. </p> <p> Mike @ Z93.1 FM South Carolina FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE </p> <p> Eugene Williams is a Artist based out of New York. He performed around the world via cruise ships and made appearances throughout the east coast for years in all venues including; festivals, weddings, and night clubs. Watch for his forthcoming single; Lets Party!" It delivers a riveting style of artistry and original arrangements revitalizing the holiday party spirit with flare and cheerful melodies, by world famous artist, Eugene Williams. (Genay Records). </p> <p> January 1st,2018 Eugene Williams release the Lets Party! album. </p> <p> This Lets Party! single has the traditional flavor of "Dance songs. With a new and Improve groove, simply said" Eugene takes this album to another level, giving it a unique style with his own originality. This album is definitely a album to be played all year long! Inspired by Prince and widely known, Kool & the Gang, Eugene is a artist who combines today's contemporary styles with his own authentic sound. </p> <p> Eugene is also dedicating proceeds from his work to his younger brother Anthony Williams </p> <p> who was paralyzed in 1968 from the age of seven, to read more about this paste this link into browser: </p>