We Don't Need No Bullies

Eugene Williams


This is about anybody who is putting pressure on some one else.


We Don’t Need No Bullies Words & Music By Eugene Williams Verse 1 We don’t need no bullies With guns and the hoodies You’re mad with this world It’s a big bad world You’re always rude You got an attitude You fuss and fight Cause you think your right Your in school suspension You need some attention Your ready to attack You better watch your back Do you understand fully? The life of a bully You could wine up in jail Or headed straight for hell Bridge:: Your always trying to boss your way around Picking at the school kids in the playground You’re the one with the frown Chorus: Like Osoma Benloden bully bully one day your come tumbeling down Tumbeling down, we don’t need no bullies Like Goliah the giant bully bully one day you’ll come tumbeling down Tumbeling down, we don’t need no bullies Verse 2 So you think you bad When you cut the class You know I have to mention Today you’ve got detention You’re playing the halls Your writing on the walls You’re acting like a fool You won’t obey the school rules You disrespect the teacher On the test you’re a cheater You’re always in trouble Nothing but trouble Bridge: Chorus: Bridge 2 You won’t get anywhere like that so you’ve got to clean up your act. Stop acting the fool start being real cool, just chill and that’s a fact Hey Mr wholly we don’t need no bullies, can I give you a word from what I heard You’ll have a short life from all this stress and strife, give yourself a chance Don’t be a victim of circumstance (4X) We don’t need no bullies Guitar Solo: 12 bars Chorus: