Party Town Commercial
Eugene Perform's Breezin
YouTube Old Sch. Songs
Eugene Doing Old Sch. Favorites with Guitar & Vocals Only.
Buy CD Lets Do The Funk Slide
You can buy the new release album from Eugene Williams (aka) Genay Do You Wanna Funk With Me!!!
Eugene doing Acoustic solo Concert in Australia
Eugene's Radio Interview On Artist First
Electric Slide W/Eugene On Tour
Eugene W/CME Band
Eugene Lets Do The Funk Slide Video
Gig salad Video's
You Tube - Sunshine
Eugene Singing Stevie Wonder Song. With Guitar & Vocals Only.
You Tube (Breezin)
Eugene Doing George Benson (Breezin)
You Tube Stand by Me-Under the Boardwalk
Eugene Doing More Old Sch. Favorites.
Eugene Williams is now on facebook giving you more to spread the word about the new album! True Paradise & Fnk Slyde Remix
This is the site.
Gene having fun with the guitar
Playing the american song
Playing the american song with teeth.
Playing the guitar any way he can
Gene doing his thing!
ArtistFirst Radio
EUGENE GENAY Click your mouse on link to listen to a world wide interview with Eugene.
You Tube - Alpha I
Check out Eugene on the ship in performance. King of Entertainment!!!
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You Tube/Alpha Song
Eugene performing his original Jazz song Alpha.
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http://" title="You Tube/Alpha Song" target="_blank">You Tube/Alpha Song ( The Bully Showcase)
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You Tube (Billy Jean)
Eugene singing Michael Jackson's Billy Jean With Band, Blood Power.
" title="Eugene Performs Breezin" target="_blank">Eugene Performs Breezin